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Here is a preview of myself with some of my girls looking after them in the way I like to.
They all love to be tied, especially with each other, to add to the thrill of it all.
We are all friends and enjoy all of our times together, which makes this site so much fun
All the girls have been great at helping out with the running of the site at various stages, as they all want the site to succeed.

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31st March

High Definition Videos
211 Images

Drew & Helena
Good Times
8 mins 30 secs - 380 mb

Jet, Siren, Imogen
Never Enough
14 mins 15 secs - 641 mb
Sometimes it is never enough when it comes to putting the ladies into bondage which is why they end up fully covered and fully helpless. Jet was dressed in a tea towel apron and had her arms bounds down to her sides and was gagged with a very large knotted linen cleave gag. This gag was then changed to filling her mouth up with linen and tying it in place as well as the addition of more linen around her head and neck. More tea towels were used to further fully cover her head and she was then left to her own desires. Siren was laid onto the end and had this blanket wrapped and roped around her and was then scarf gagged and her feet tied up inside the blanket as well. The top of the blanket was then pulled up and tied around her chest and neck leaving just her wide eyes uncovered as she struggled to no avail. Imogen was tied to a post standing up with bandages over the white muslin sleeve that she had been put into. Cleave gagged with a white scarf before the muslin sleeve was pulled up over her head and knotted on top of her head. A second white cleave gag followed over the muslin followed by white tape going over her gag and eyes and around the post.
These have always been good times for us and hopefully for you as well. With Buffy in a very short black dress and heels she had her arms leather cuffed behind her and then pulled up into the air with a rope from her neck tied down to her ankle to keep her bent over and in her mouth is a huge leather mouth filling gag strapped very tight. The beautiful Lousie was sat onto a table and had her arms roped down to her ankles with lots and lots of tight rope. In her mouth is a red leather gag and this combination does indeed keep her very helpless. Lavinia is able to have her elbows tie together behind her so this is what should be done, her wrists and elbows being tightly roped together and a rope from her elbows tied off overhead. Gagged with a rubber ball gag and her ankles roped her dress was pulled up to reveal her lovely bottom leaving her to did her finger nails into it very deeply as she struggled. Then comes myself heavily roped on two occasions, once in a chair and once on my bed and both times a large pair of knickers is stuffed into my mouth and tied in place, as I said happy times.

From Update

24th March

High Definition Videos
172 Images

Elle, Jade, Jet
For You
10 mins 40 secs - 474 mb

Drew, Emily, Saria, Helena
Loving This
6 mins 10 secs - 267 mb
This gorgeous padded coat came from Arne and seeing the ladies tied up and gagged is an absolute delight. With the coat fully done up aroundHow could any bondage fan not love this. Two ladies tied up and gagged together must mean twice the pleasure and twice the fun. From the first time Drew bought Isabelle around Drew was more than happy to have her friend roped to the post and double scarf gagged. Then when Drew bought Emily with her they both ended up wearing just tiny black knickers and had their arms roped above their heads to show off their lovely bodies. I was there to gag them both and rope their arms close to their heads, just to make them even more delightful. With both Lavinia and Alexia dressed very glamorous they were tied back to back against the post with their arms in front of them. Their arms were roped tight to their waists and both were ball gagged. Then myself with Saria and we were up sitting on the sofa with our arms tied at our backs and our ankles tied together, also both of us were cleave gagged. Another scarf over our cleave gags only encouraged us to a little gag kissing. Then with our wrists tied down to our ankles and ball gags in our mouths the gag kissing continued. Elle and with her gloved and booted her arms were roped to her sides and she was hooded and rubber ball gagged. The very tight ropes along all of her body compressing the coat tight to her body just as it should be done. The waders were sent to me from John C and he loves to see them on bondage ladies. Here is Jade in a pink plastic suit, undone to expose her lingerie and with the heavy duty Hood waders covering her legs up her crotch. She was tied out to the wall with her legs and arms apart and after being ball gagged as well a gas mask was added, something which will please all of the gas mask lovers. Here is myself and blossom gas masked and in bondage, both times with tights over the gas masks as Marty has asked to see more of and Blossom's mask and tights are all done on the video which was particularly asked for. A hogtied Jet again has been requested by JPL as they think Jet is wonderful, just as they think hog-ties are so why not put the two together. A few more images of ladies copiously drooling for Jorgen, something which is always good to see.

From Update

17th March

High Definition Videos
193 Images

Loving Linen
9 mins 25 secs - 419 mb

Fay & Helena
Mosdt Wanted
10 mins 55 secs - 487 mb
This is thanks to long member Jazz who has sent me all of this linen to use on the ladies and lots of fun it is to use. Jade had not been bound like before but absolutely loved it, I am pleased to say. Over her lingerie went a long white linen bondage apron before her arms and body were then covered with tea towels and she was gagged with a huge knotted towel. She was then directed to stack the linen across the table neatly but after dropping one towel on the floor she did struggle quite considerably to pick it up again while in her bondage. She was then sat onto the table and her legs, feet and body were further covered and roped and she was now gagged with a very wide linen bit gag. This gag was then covered as were her eyes and finally another cloth was tied around her head sealing her into her bondage. Will wanted to see more of Fay so here she is with her arms tied together behind her and her mouth ball gagged. Then wearing her glasses she again had her arms tied at her back and was held in position with a crotch rope before a leather head harness gag was strapped into her mouth and over her head to make sure her glasses stayed on. Her dress was then pulled up to her waist to show off her legs and then a long white scarf was tied around her head, eyes and glasses. Gordon sent me two camel coats to use for bondage purposes so here is myself being put into chair bondage in one of these coats and silver high heeled boots With my arms roped down by my sides and rope securing me to the chair I was cleave gagged. The coat was then tied around my legs and it was fully buttoned up to the neck and the collar was turned up with a rope around my neck to hold it up. With a long white scarf now wrapped around my gagged mouth I was delightfully dressed and helpless just as Gordon asked.
A weeks work involving having four ladies tied up and gagged, what could be a better job? Lavinia has had her arms tied up to the beam behind and her body roped down to her knees and she is rubber ball gagged. Then with one leg tied up behind her forcing her to stand on one leg a rope from her knees to around her neck means she has to stay leaning forward as well. I had the pleasure of having Ivory tied up on the carpet with old tights, her bound in front of her between her legs and gagging her with a tights gag. Then, when I had covered her gag with more tights I was able to amuse myself by cuddling and rocking her. Kitty had her arms tied high above her head while wearing a micro length skirt and very high heels and a ball gag. This left her to twist and turn in her bonds and she looked even better after her top had been pulled up to reveal her lovely lingerie. A black lingerie dressed Bella was tied sitting on the chest with her ankles wide apart and her arms bound over and behind her head. A very big mouth filling black gag was strapped into her mouth, a crotch rope added and rope around her neck, just because I could.

From Update

10th March

High Definition Videos
189 Images

Lily, Siren, Malika
In the Black
8 mins 17 secs - 365 mb

Dark Times
7 mins 05 secs - 315 mb
Three ladies and myself in our favourite colour clothing and that is very dark or black. Lily is dressed in a short dress with black tights and after having her arms tied behind her she was ball gagged and sat onto the bed. One leg was then tied up behind her after she had laid down and the other knee was roped up close to her neck, leaving her very helpless but looking quite lovely. Siren turned wearing this black coat so it had to be black gloves and black rubber boots to go with it. Then she was tied sitting on the table with her arms outward, her knees together and her ankles tied out to the table legs. Then ball gagged and a rope was wound around her neck over her upturned collar and then to an overhead hook to stop her reaching for her gag. The beautiful Malika wearing black lingerie had her arms tied behind her and up to the beam forcing her to stay leaning forward, this being done with a black ball gag in her mouth. Her arms were then tied back over her head and a crotch rope applied. Then fully tape gagged her top was pulled up to reveal her bra and as she tried to pull her arms back over her head the crotch rope only tightened. Then with myself fully dressed in black leather with skirt, jacket, boots and gloves my arms were chained in front of me with big heavy padlocks. Then with my wrists chained down to my ankles and chains around my body I was leather head harness gagged and a chain collar meant I could not move nor bend forward. In black tights I was bound with the same with my arms in front of me and then a second pair pulled up over my arms and tied in place. Also being gagged with same did mean I was truly helpless.
Three more of my beautiful ladies whose time here has now finished. Mysteria in a tight fitting corset had her arms tied of overhead and was cleave gagged with a knotted scarf and after being allowed to swing around in her bonds her ankles were crossed and tied together just to make sure she was not going too far. Syrah was tied out to the cross by her ankles and wrists and with a tight rope around her waist. A white scarf gag was tied across her mouth while I pulled up her dress and undone her blouse to expose her legs and lingerie. Then with her arms bound down by her sides and her body roped, more rope was tied across her neck so she could not lean forward. Deception looks very glamorous in her lingerie, fishnet stockings and high heels and she has been tied sitting on the table with her legs crossed and tied to opposite legs, her body tightly roped with her arms behind her and a big ball gag in her mouth, this all adding to her appeal and beauty.

From Update

3rd March

High Definition Videos
178 Images

Drew, Fay, Helena
All for Fun
9 mins 15 secs - 356 mb

Always Tight
11 mins 30 secs - 446 mb
The bondage here is always for fun, whether it is being tied up or tying up the ladies and if the ladies did not enjoy it they would not keep coming back, some of them for many years now. Drew has a body worth showing off so why not do just that, in her beautiful lingerie, stockings and heels she had her arms roped in front of her and her body roped and she was tied to the wall by the ropes around her spread knees. The crotch rope from her wrists made sure she could not raise her hands. A big pink ball gag in her mouth and a little more rope around her body left her looking very beautiful and helpless. Fay was totally helpless in her ropes as well after she had been tied sitting on the desk with her arms tied as high as possible to an overhead hook. With her legs bound together and tied to the desk legs she was rubber gagged and after another rope was tied around her upper arms forcing her to keep her head bent forward she had no chance of escape. For myself to go with my retro white girdle was black leather waistcoat, gloves, collar and thigh high boots and after my arms were roped to my sides I was gagged with a black leather wide bit gag. After being sat down and secured to the chair my gag was changed to a larger leather gag completely covering my lips. Now left in front of the big mirror I could see my own helpless position and you get two images for the price of one.
Once again I have the beautiful Elyssia in bondage, sometimes blonde, sometimes brunette but always willing and gorgeous. Sat into a chair she had her arms tied tied across her lap with tights and her bound ankles tied to the chair with the same. In her mouth went a tights gag and this was then covered with another pair and her body further tightened into the chair with the very unforgiving tights all knotted as tight as possible. Bare legged in her shorts and top she had her hands taped up inside her top sleeves and her arms taped to her body. Her legs were roped together and the ropes tied off overhead and in her mouth went a tight red ball gag. More tape to secure her arms to her body and a wide scarf over her gagged mouth and around the ropes holding her up proved very effective. Arriving in long black pvc boots meant I had to find her a matching jacket and after her arms and body had been roped she was sat onto a chair and her scarf cleave gag was wrapped for a mouth filling black pvc gag. A black pvc blindfold then followed to match everything that she was wearing.

From Update

24th February

High Definition Videos
184 Images

Fern, Blossom, Jade
Outward Bound
11 mins 25 secs - 441 mb

Jet & Violet
Street Girls
10 mins 10 secs - 391 mb
No matter what the weather it is never too cold for bondage outdoors. It may involve winter wear of coats and boots but that can be just as much fun as bikinis in the summer. Ivory is wearing a black shiny long padded coat and has been tied to the pole behind her. Then rubber gagged she was slid down the pole so she ended up sitting on the grass so her legs could then be bound as well. Blossom ended up very tightly taped while sitting on her new garden bench, her arms were taped into her lap and her legs were taped together. Tight tape covered her lips as well and as much as she tried she could not find any release. A very cold day fro Fern so a long riding coat while being tied to a tree, hooded and ball gagged worked very well. Peter R loves to see the ladies in full rubber so here is Jade in a long heavy rubber mac, boots, gloves and sou'wester and being soaked with water by me after she was roped and rubber ball gagged. The rubber looking so much better once it was wet and Jade ended up laying on the grass with her gag tied over her hat to stop it falling off.
Having the girls in street clothes does give bondage a very natural feel as exotic outfits do not have to be used, the bondage does not have to be contrived they are just roped and gagged and made as helpless as possible as quick as possible. What could be better than willing victims like this? Jet is wearing a bright red pvc jacket and boots and has been tightly bound sitting on a mattress with her back against a post. A very tight red ball gag for her also and then she was laid onto the mattress before her knees were tied up close to her chest and her ankles were bound back to her wrists. A dressed in black Sassie was roped into a chair with black and white rope and quickly cleave gagged. Then after her wrists were tied to the top of the chair forcing her to stay bent forward her gag was changed to a bit white ball gag. For Violet it was her top and skirt and shiny black boots and she was tied up laying on the floor with a ball gagged mouth. Her feet were tied up to an overhead hook to make sure that she was unable to stay and had to stay where she was.

From Update

17th February

High Definition Videos
174 Images

Anita, Emily, Blossom
Bound Beauties
9 mins 55 secs - 384 mb

No Stopping
12 mins 05 secss - 467 mb
Three bound beauties for you and I am very proud of them all. A pig tailed Anita has been sat onto a stool and her hands balled up and tapped with clear tape. Her arms have then been bound between her thighs, her ankles roped together and gagged with a spiky rubber bit gag. The ropes from her pigtails were then tied around her knees forcing them together and holding her wrists down. To stop her drooling I changed her gag fro a cleave gag which I then wrapped over with a long scarf. Emily looks very gorgeous in her black lingerie and she has been tie standing to the post with her wrists tied in front of her. Then came more rope to bind her and a ball gag before a long white scarf tied over her mouth and around the post. Blossom tied to a chair in her new house and tightly rubber gagged meant only one thing was going to happen and that was she was going to drool from her gag, something she seems unable to stop and actually enjoys doing no end and I am certainly not going to stop her.
There is no stopping Fern as she loves her 'job' here so obviously I would never want to stop her. In the clothes she arrived in, jeans and pink jacket, she was tied to the post with her legs bound tightly together and her arms tied out to hooks on the floor. Pink ball gagged and then more rope around her neck and body to hold her to the post before a scarf was tied over her mouth and around the post. As a finale she was then ball gagged again with the pink hood on her jacket pulled up over her head. Sat onto a desk wearing wearing with tights her legs were spread wide and her knees and ankles tied to the desk legs. Then with her arms bound high above her head a crotch rope was added and a big red ball gag was strapped into her mouth filling it completely. Then to finish off her top was pulled up over her mouth to cover her gag and lower face. With her arms roped to her sides she was taped from her chest down to her wrist and her legs were taped together and a cleave gag was tied into her mouth. With more tape added to her body and over her gag she was laid onto the floor and then roped into a hogtie leaving her face down on the floor.

From Update

10th February

High Definition Videos
170 Images

Shannon, Lily, Malika
Lingerie & Rope
9 mins 25 secs - 365 mb

Emily, Drew, Lavinia, Helena
Better Together
8 mins 20 secs - 320 mb
Beautiful ladies wearing beautiful lingerie and then roped and gagged. How much better could it possibly get? Shannon in her one piece fish net lingerie had been sat onto the table and her wrists tied down to one ankle and with more rope securing her body and a metal ball gag in her mouth. She was then made even more helpless by a rope collar securing her to the fence. Lily had been tied sitting on a stool in her bra and knickers with her arms roped tightly behind her and her tights covered legs bound together. In her mouth went a very large red bit gag strapped as deep into her mouth as possible. This gag then had the desired effect of making her drool copiously all down her chin and front. With her bra pulled down exposing her breasts her drool was now running down her exposed charms. Malika is wearing very lovely black and white lingerie and had had her arms roped behind her and been scarf gagged to match her lingerie. With one leg tied high up in the air she has to stay laying on her side incapable of very little movement. This continued when she was tied to the post with her arms straight up in the above her head, her legs tied together and her knees tied up close to her chest.
All of our bondage scenes are done for the love of it all, the ladies must love it (which they do) and hopefully you will like what we do. One day Kaci bought her friend Selena around as she had never been tied up before and wanted to try it. With both of these ladies in lingerie Selena was tied into a chair and with her arms tied to the back of her neck and from there Kaci teased her bound friend. Then with her arms roped down by her sides Kaci ball gagged her and then continued to tease and tickle Selena. Then the first time Drew bought Emily around again for Emily's first ever bondage session, they just had to be tied up together. With both of them dressed in their street clothes they were tied up side by side on the floor and scarf gagged. Both of them were then left rolling around try to escape before they were sat back to back with their gags tied to each other so they could not separate from each other. When Lavinia came around I so wanted to be tied up with her so Kean had us both very tightly taped including tape gags which did prove once again that if your mouth is not stuffed full it is very difficult to keep either of us very quiet. Ending up laying on the bed did mean of course that we could gag kiss each other, which is always very delightful.

From Update

3rd February

High Definition Videos
151 Images

Fern, Helena, Jade
Liking This
8 mins 55 secs - 344 mb

Well Wrapped
8 minms 30 secs - 326 mb
Sean was a very regular at my Nightshade in the past and has asked for me to do something here that I done there and that is gag myself with a pair of knickers and then tie them in place. Luckily enough I happened to have a pair of knickers that already had been well used as a gag. With these stuffed into my mouth I used a cleave gag and then another to cover my mouth. I was then ready to have my bondage completed. Jk loves the tights bondage that we do but has asked to see one of the ladies, preferably Fern, tied up wearing a pair of tights and no shoes. That I can do as you see and here she is looking very delightfully and tightly ball gagged into the bargain and then with her head tied back to the ropes holding her. Quite a long while ago I put up a gallery of the ladies in bondage in clear plastic. This was loved by Simon S very much and would love a repeat. In the meantime here is Jade in a glass clear jacket over her lingerie and after a huge red ball gag had been strapped into her mouth the jackets zip was pulled up all the way to the top of her head sealing her head inside this plastic world.
Have not seen the lovely Fay for some time so another visit was very welcome from her. This lady has the lovely ability of having her elbows tied together behind her very easily which means this should be done whenever possible. This was done to her while she was wearing her red lingerie and to keep her on the floor she was ball gagged and had one bare leg tied back to her wrists to keep her there. With her blouse open to show off her bra and knickers she her arms roped behind her and another rope held her to an overhead hook. Clear tape was then wound around her body as tight as possible and including her cleave gagged mouth. Then with her eyes closed she had the same tape tied over them preventing her from opening them again. Then she had to receive the linen treatment by having her arms wrapped up into her lap with linen strips and tea towels. Her legs received the same treatment and in her mouth went a white dish cloth knotted cleave gag. With this gag swapped for a linen knotted cleave gag I tied more linen around her mouth and then blindfolded her with more of the same.

From Update

27th January

High Definition Videos
181 Images

Jet, Mallory, Siren
A Pleasure to See
8 mins 35 secs - 330 mb

Attic Antics
7 mins 40 secs 298 mb
It is always a pleasure to see the ladies tied up and gagged and hope you think so too. Jet was quickly and tightly roped sitting on the edge of the bed in jeans and tee shirt and she was gagged with a very tight red sponge gag. More rope to bind her and her gag changed for a black rubber ball gag which was very quickly taped over with several long bit of tape sealing off her mouth very effectively. Now laying on the bed rope from her neck to her knees and from her ankles to her wrists were added and a long scarf tied over her already well gagged mouth, just for good measure. Mallory was tied onto the table on which she was sitting with her arms stretched out to hooks in the wall and her legs together. She was then then gagged with a leather head harness ball gag, which always look good, which ended up being tied off overhead to stop her moving her head too much. The beautiful tattooed Siren in very skimpy lingerie had her arms tied behind her, her ankles tied together and with a tight crotch rope and a rubber gag. Still wearing her glasses she had a long scarf tied over her gagged mouth and around her head leaving just her glasses showing. Pads were then placed over her eyes and behind her glasses which kept them in place and then another scarf over this to effectively blindfold her.
At her house or in my attic having Lavinia in bondage is an absolute pleasure and delight. Dressed very glamorously in a short black and white dress, stockings and very high heels she had her arms roped behind her and I gagged her with a huge black soft ball gag. Then with a crotch rope and her dress pulled up high to expose her bottom my fun became more enjoyable as I was on the other end of her crotch rope. Up in the attic in another black and white dress with heeled black and white short boots this glamorous lady again was put into bondage with her arms roped tight to her body behind her. Gagged with a large spiky black rubber ball gag she ended up drooling all over herself and to help her along with this rope around her neck and to the beam meant she had to keep her head still and so drooled even more. With her arms roped and taped in front of her more tape was used to bind her body as tight as possible and after being laid on her back her taped ankles were tied up in the air to the overhead beam. Tape was then applied over her gagged mouth and around the metal pipe so again she was incapable of moving her head during her struggles.

From Update

20th January

High Definition Videos
146 Images

Tightly Does It
11 mins 30 secs - 443 mb

No Escape
8 mins 45 secs - 337 mb
Violet in tight bondage is always a delight to view and this gallery proves that once again. In a short dress and silver rubber boots she had her arms roped behind her and was cleave gagged and was then sat onto the floor and a rope from her now bound ankles to around her neck kept her knees up close to her chest. After she had toppled onto her side she was left there as this just added to her bondage predicament and enhanced the view of her. Then stabnding she had her arms silver gaffer taped in front of her with her elbows taped together. Her arms were taped to her body and her legs heavily taped all the way to her ankles. More tape over her already taped mouth and more around her body and she was then laid down onto the floor and left to roll and kick around. She was then roped while dressed all in leather and tied to the beam behind her and I was there to cleave gag her. Then came a full head leather hood and white scarf tied over her mouth leaving her helpless and fully covered in leather, again such a lovely sight.
Escape proof bondage for Drew is always a good idea as she looks so beautiful when tied up and gagged that it would be a shame if she was to escape and spoil things. Drew has the lovely ability to have her elbows tied tight together behind her so with red rope it had to be done. With a tight crotch rope and a red ball gag in her mouth she ended up stuck facing the wall because of the rope around her neck. This did of course give a marvellous view of her bound elbows and arms. In pink lingerie and very high heels she had her arms roped to her body behind her with a selection of scarves and with another scarf binding her knees together. I then cleave gagged her with a red spotted scarf and she was then laid across the round wooden chest and hogtied on top of it. Another long white scarf was then tied over her already gagged mouth and back to her ankles just to make sure she stayed as helpless as possible. Then came a time she thought she was going home but ended up gaffer taped to a chair after having her arms taped in front of her and her mouth taped shut. In the c hair she was secured even further with more layers of tape around her body and across her lips and with a linen cord around her neck tied off overhead. All of this again to make sure there was no escape for her.

From Update

13th January

High Definition Videos
180 Images

Lily, Fern, Violet
On Tape
10 mins 25 secs - 402 mb

A Second Helping
15 mins 05 secs - 581 mb
Three ladies in tight tape bondage, lots of very tight tape being used to secure and silence these beauties. Lily first had her arms taped behind her back with gaffer tape and her body taped down to her knees, she was also rubber ball gagged. Then sat onto a chair she was tightly taped to it with her high heeled legs receiving the same treatment Then with her ankles taped to the chair leg and her mouth taped over with several layers she only thing she managed to do was kick off her high heels. Fern was taped standing in front of a post with cellotape covering her from neck to foot. Her arms were taped up inside her sleeves and after being bit gagged a lot more tape tape was used until her whole body was covered. Her head was then taped to the post with layers of cellotape over her gag and around her head until her eyes were tape closed as well. With Violet dressed in silver, brown packing tape was used to bind her arms to her body in front of her and with tape extended the length of her body. Tied off to an overhead hook meant she could roll around in her bondage but her well taped mouth meant she could do nothing about her situation.
A second helping of bondage for Jade and very lovely she looks too. In her tiny lingerie she had her wrists and elbows tied behind her, her body roped with a very tight waist rope and was pink ball gagged. With her arms tied up behind her to the post she was forced to hobble on tip toe as she rotated around the post. To add to her troubles a rope from her hair to the post forced her to keep her head up and back making her life even more difficult. Then in white lingerie and a white rubber swim cap, her arms were tied to her body in front of her with white bandages with one bandage being tied around her neck and up to an overhead hook. After being white ball gagged I was there to strap several more swim caps (I have lots) onto her ropes and then tape over her ball gag with lots of white tape. Now being able to tease her with the caps delighted her as well as me. With even more tape around her mouth she was tied into a kneeling position so I could keep an eye on her. Then it was time for lots of silver gaffer tape so she had her arms taped behind her and her body and legs very tightly secured with layers of very tight tape. After her cleave gag was heavily taped over she was laid onto her side and her booted legs taped up to an overhead beam and then a long scarf was used again over her gagged mouth to help to keep this noisy lady quieter and over her eyes, just because it was long enough to do so.
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