Hello and Welcome - My name is Helena
I am the Editor of The Bondage Chronicles

I am glad you have found your way to my site. I just wanted to tell you a little about the site and what you may find in it for you. My girls and I are having a lot of fun producing it, all with one aim in mind, and that is to produce something that appeals to you. Inside you will find all kinds of bondage on a variety of girls. If what you like is not there, let me know and I will see what we can do about it. You will see me in some of the photos with each girl. This is for two reasons, firstly to show that are friends of mine and not just imported photos from an obscure source and secondly because I love my work and like to pose with my girls.

I do have a certain philosophy which I would like to make clear at this point.
The Bondage Chronicles does not advocate or condone violence against women in any shape or form. J
ust the opposite. We want to promote bondage as a form of love play which is enjoyed by both participants.This site is dedicated to those who appreciate the bound and helpless female form and to the women who are there for their own reasons and pleasure, as well as for the pleasure of others.There are no victims, no violence and certainly no minors. All women are willing participants over 18 years old

I will be introducing new girls as often as possible as I have found it very easy to find girls willing to join the site. They are all 'real' people and none are professional models. There are curently over twenty girls on the site, most of which have ever modelled before, and most have never been tied up before I managed to encourage them onto the site. I will be posting a minimum of 400 photos per month. Updates will be weekly on Fridays as early as possible GMT, with extra photos being posted as and when possible, just for the hell of it.

I also produce Photo Features on a very regular basis as well as as other varied galleries and am trying to cater for the widest variety of bondage that is possible. The features are on one subject such as barefeet, silk scarfs, gaffer tape or blindfolds, to name but a few. There are also bondage costume and uniform galleries as well as fictional and real life stories.
I also do request galleries for members, where I may be able to do those hard to find scenerios or special likes that you may have. This is something that I particulary enjoy as I feel it does bring me a little closer to you.

You may e-mail me anytime with your comments or ideas.
Samples of everything can be seen in my preview galleries. Please take your time and enjoy what there is there. These Preview Galleries will be changed periodically so show what is happening inside.I hope to see you inside one day.

One Last thing I would like to reiterate you is that the stories on this site are fiction and fantasy and what is seen here is for amusement only and should not be followed, copied or imitated in any way. All of the women featured in the photographs are willing participants over 18 years old. There is a strict dividing line between our fantasies and what is real.
Although all of you who are viewing this site may share a love of fetish wear of bondage, there are plenty of people out there who enjoy what you do, there are far more who do not. I am sorry to burst your bubble but many people will never want to experience bondage, so do not think that you can make them. You won't be able to and you shouldn't try.

Helena xxx